Insurance Billing

Our fee structure is based on actual collections, not claims-based like other medical billing services. We would be happy to speak with you about our rates and customize a program that works for you.

With weekly and monthly reports, AIM keeps you updated on each account, every insurance payment, and actions being taken to collect any overdue charges. Monthly overview reports allow you to remain in the loop without the need for in-house collection, insurance, or billing staff.

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AIM Enterprises, Inc., has been handling medical insurance billing since 1996. Our clients include perfusionists, physicians, surgeons, and OSA doctors. We have developed an expertise in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring as well.

Our qualified staff and experienced management team process your claims quickly without insurance hassles and claim headaches. Our coding staff holds certifications from NCCT, AHIMA, and AAPC organizations. This not only benefits you financially by collecting your accounts, but it allows you to focus on your professional responsibilities.

When we receive your patient charge tickets:

  • We assign an account administrator so you have consistent contact for all claims questions.
  • We generate an HFCA which is sent to the appropriate carrier pursuant to their requirements (electronic or paper). For those carriers accepting electronic HFCAs, billing time can be cut in half.
  • We follow-up unpaid claims on a preset schedule.
  • We verify EOB's and payment accuracy, appealing decisions when payments are less than the expected amounts.
  • We issue the final bill to your patient for their portion of the bill.
  • We calculate collections, deduct fees, and disburse to you.